Champion Chews Award-winning Collection

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Because sometimes, Chocolate is the only answer. We Made it Award-Winning. You're Welcome. 

Since 2022, Mind Your Temper has been a force to be reckoned with, winning awards year after year! This champion's pack features an assortment of exquisite bonbons, each a champion in its own right.

Experience the taste of Victories

  • 2024 NZ Food Awards Gold Medal Winners:
    • Blackforest
    • Maple Bourbon & Pecan 
    • Citrus Earl Grey & Cookie 
    • Miso Caramel & Hazelnut 
    • Banoffee 
  • 2024 NZ Food Awards Silver Medal: Apple Tarte Tatin Bonbon Cointreau and Hazelnut
  • 2024 NZ Food Awards Bronze Medal: Calamansi Speculoos, Thai Milk Tea
  • 2024 NZ Vegan Chocolate Awards Runner up : Spiced Orange, Calamansi Speculoos
  • 2022 NZ Chocolate Award Gold Medal: Raspberry Cheesecake
  • 2023 Vegan Chocolate Award Best Bonbon & Supreme Winner: Speculoos 
  • 2022 Vegan Chocolate Award Best Bonbon: Raspberry Cheesecake

This curated selection is the perfect way to experience the award-winning taste of Mind Your Temper chocolates. Don't miss out on this Champion's box!

*some flavours contain liqueur, gluten and nuts


Blackforest - LIQUEUR


Citrus Earl grey and cookie - NUTS (CASHEW)

Miso and Hazelnut - SOY, NUTS (HAZELNUTS)

Banoffee - SOY, WHEAT (GLUTEN)

Calamansi and Speculoos - SOY, WHEAT (GLUTEN)

Speculoos - SOY, WHEAT (GLUTEN)

Raspberry Cheesecake - NUTS (CASHEW)


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