Award-winning Chocolates


Our Award Winning Chocolates

We’re simply over the moon to have had our chocolates featured alongside offerings from well established brands, rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème of New Zealand's artisan chocolatiers. We are thrilled to share with you some of the recent accolades our chocolates have received.

Our Raspberry Cheesecake Bonbon was the star of our 2022 NZ Vegan Chocolate Awards debut, taking top spot in the filled chocolate category. The perfect shine, flavour, and texture had the judges smitten. These irresistible little gems also scooped up their first gold at the 2022 NZ Chocolate Awards.

Stealing the limelight in 2023, our Speculoos Bonbon was the belle of the ball at the NZ Vegan Chocolate Awards, crowned Supreme Overall Winner. The balanced texture, glossy shine, and innovative spin really wowed the judges. It also charmed its way to the top at the 2023 NZ Outstanding Food Producer Awards, winning gold for its delightful texture and perfect balance.

Our Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, with its silky texture and movie star good looks, bagged gold at the 2022 NZ Chocolate Awards and a silver at the 2023 NZ Outstanding Food Producer Awards. Hot on its heels, the Hazelnut Trio Bonbon scooped up a silver at the 2022 NZ Chocolate Awards, earning praise for its delightful texture and irresistible hazelnut crunch.

Not to be left out, our Caramel Dragée and Caramel Biscuit Bonbon have also won their fair share of hearts (and taste buds). Praised for its comforting nostalgic taste and excellent texture, our Caramel Biscuit Bonbon landed runner-up in the caramel category at the 2023 NZ Vegan Chocolate Awards. Meanwhile, at the 2022 NZ Chocolate Awards, our delightfully chewy Caramel Dragée earned its first gold!

We can't thank you enough for being a part of this journey. We're devoted to crafting exceptional chocolate experiences for you and we’re filled with gratitude that our creations are adored by so many. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to make your lives just a little bit sweeter!